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Last weekend my sister came to stay at my place in L. We had a good time. We went to H Ball w/ my friends from school, went to see the Pink Panther, went to chapel, had a party and played munchkin, ate a lot of good food (salmon and ribs), had a pre-birthday party for PI, and she gave a recital for my room mates. They were suitable impressed. PI took her home on Mon morning. She had a cello competition during the week and did very well.

This past week has been, well, interesting to say the least.

Slack week started, for me, on Feb 23, so i went back to PI's place for the week. On Sat we spent the morning in PI's office b/c they decided last Tues to tell him he was coming in on the Sat whether he liked it or not, and, essentially, the alternative was being fired. Since we already had plans, I spent the morning napping in the office. When he was done we went to the Auto Show. This was partly for fun, and partly for research. I'm doing a paper on concept cars for my auto class. We had a great time and wish we'd remembered to take a lunch since the price of food was highway robbery.

On Sun it was PI's birthday :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PI <:)
We went to church in the morning to say good bye to Fr B since he is retiring. It is sad to see him go. Since we had to pick up I and T for lunch, we left at 10:30 when the service started. We had lunch w/ PI's family at FT's to celebrate his birthday. PM and MT called from NYC to wish him an happy birthday. That was nice :)

On monday we got the keys to the new place and, even though we were both working, we started moving. (I know i've blogged about this before, but I might as well do the whole week.) We both took Wed and Thurs off to dedicate a couple of days to moving. On Wed we took a bit of a break to go to MT's to organize some conference stuff and, while we were there, also started organizing wedding cake. YMM has agreed to bake both wedding and reception cakes for us, which is WONDERFUL!!!

On Thurs we had movers come to take the big stuff, like the bed and desks. They were very efficient and both PI and I recommend Mad Max and his Russian Goons for moving should you need that service any time soon. Apparently, if you say you were told about them through us you get a 10% discount. We recommend paying in cash. PI said he was going to blog about them more, so I'll leave that up to him.

By friday we had successfully managed to get everything out of the old place and into the new, cleaned up the old, and left the key on the counter for the old land lord. We're going to miss the place, especially the beauty of the old location, but we really needed the space, and the new place cuts 15-30 minutes off PI's morning commute and makes mine more convenient as well. The new place is going to be box city probably well into June since I'm moving out of my parent's place when we get back and that will probably take us a while. I also have to move out of my place in L and that will just create more boxes.

On Sat and Sun PI and I began SCUBA diving lessons. We figured that we'd give it a try as it would probably enhanse our trip this spring and it seemed like a good oportunity. Lessons went from about 8:30-7 both days, and we were both EXHAUSTED at the end of both days. Half of the day was spent in theory, the other half in the pool. Having just spent about 8 hours in a pool over 2 days, i'm feeling very itchy and am wondering if I'll ever smell of anything but chlorine ever again.

I know a few people who have gone SCUBA diving w/o any previous training. I don't know how they managed it! As well as the fact that there is a lot that I would not want to go in the water without knowing, going underwater with all that equipment on is terrifying! I don't think I've ever been scared like that before. It was like a nightmare. It's surprisingly small under water. While in reality it is extremely large, it feels so closed in. The amount of work you have to do in your head to stop yourself from freaking out is amazing. Just the concept of sitting 33' unterwater and breathing normally is a huge leap. Then there are other problems.

Once I got over the initial panic things went better. There are a couple of things we both have to work on, but we new belong to the dive shop and can use their pool in the mornings to practice. Despite the fact that it is a terrifying experience, we both ended up really enjoying it. Hopefully it is something we can do for a long time together. There are so many places to SCUBA, we are hoping to do it on all 3 of the trips we have planned as well as taking a few trips up to Tobermory to dive on wrecks. I highly recommend the experience...If you don't have any of one of the million or so health problems that would stop you from doing so.

Now I'm back in L and have way too much work to do.

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