Friday, December 03, 2004

so i came home early to surprise pi. he said he couldn't come online as soon as he got home 'cause he had a lot of housework to do before i came home on fri night....figured i'd do some of it for him before he got home. so i got home, did the dishes, washed the counter and the stove, folded the laundry and remade the bed. pi finishes work at 4, i got home at about 3.30. figured i wouldn't have long to wait until he got home. wrong, he was being sneaky too. by the time he was an hr late i was getting worried. so i emailed him and asked him if he were finished the house work yet 'cause i wanted to talk to him...didn't want to blow the surprise. he wrote back eventually saying that no, he hadn't finished yet. = more worried.
so i went up to the corner to see if i could get mom to call him just to make sure that he wasn't doing something silly like driving to london while i was in toronto to surprise me (he's done that before. it was great :) i'd had a miserable week and having him appear unexpectedly made it all better). no one was home to call him so i answer.
i was talking to the neighbours upstairs when he pulled into the drive way. luckily our downstairs laundry door was open so i snuck through their house and into ours w.o pi noticing and upstairs man said he'd keep him busy for a while so i could take my coat off.
rotfl - priceless expression when he waslked in the door and i was standing there.....completely stunned for a sec :D
so, he was being sneaky and devious least he wasn't going to london. that would have been bad. he was xmas shopping.
while he was out he also bought a box of 100 dvd cases *sigh*
at least if i have anything to complain about in this relationship it will be silly things like that.
who needs 100 dvd cases and where are we going to put them?!!

oh, and my big fat greek wedding was $7 at loblaws so we got that too :)

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