Friday, August 20, 2004

since there are rather a lot of comments in the last post i think i should start again so you don't run out of space to talk in.
pi's in montreal :( *sniff* and i miss him...but i get him back on weekends, so it could be a lot worse.
i'm being kept busy by family and friends. bear had her wisdom teeth out on mon and has been making her way through our dvd collection ever since. i was home for dinner mon and tues, played with the kittens but forgot to take frank to mt and pm's house on wed, dimsum for pm's birthday yesterday (happy birthday again <:) ), p.b. took me to the sarah mcglachlen concert as well last night and that was fun 'cause i've never been to a concert like that before.
going over to pm and mt's again tonight until i pick up pi at the train station.
tomorrow we're going to get pi's hair cut, hopefully pick up the recycling bins, and go to a bbq at pm and mt's. sun we're going to shakespeare in the park and having a picnic beforehand.

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