Sunday, March 07, 2004

so, detroit's rather a frightening city
went to the museum of african american history
aparently it's the biggest museum on 'the african experience' in the world...except possibly a new one in boston.
i was expecting a bias but not THAT much of a bias. the guide said that the cia had planted crack etc in the ghettos to kill off the expanding black population *sigh*
the museum itself was also less exciting than expected. it might be the largest, but we had seen everything there was to see in less than 3 hours. the explanations next to exhibits weren't really helpful (eg a laddar on a wall tag: a hand made laddar) and about 70% of the exhibits consisted of pictures. would have been more entertaing to read a book about it.
despite that i had a pretty good time and i'm glad i went.
smitty and aimee went too
we went to subway for lunch. they had bullet proof glass on the counter. also the counter's really high (chest level for me) and hard to see over. we found that farely amusing.

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